The Saint-James Bouliac
The Saint-James Bouliac
The Saint-James Bouliac
The Saint-James Bouliac
The Saint-James Bouliac
The Saint-James Bouliac
The Saint-James Bouliac
Activities & Relaxation

Swimming Pool & Sauna
Ideally and centrally located on four hectares of grounds, Le Saint-James has an atypical swimming pool that was specially designed by Jean Nouvel. It is an elegant lane for laps or lounging afloat, recognisable by its striking black liner. For more relaxation time, enjoy the sauna next to this astonishing bathing and basking spot.

In-Room Massage
We work with professional and experienced masseuses to offer you a selection of in-room massages.
A variety of things to do in a multifaceted region…

Coastal Aquitaine offers unforgettable fishing trips, relaxation, beneficial thalassotherapy centres, as well as cycling tracks and golf courses in the shade of pine trees. 

Inland Aquitaine also has rolling fairways, walks, horse rides or bike rides, and canoeing along the waterways. 

Pyrenean Aquitaine is ideal for fishing, white-water canoeing, well-being in the spa towns and hiking through unique landscapes. 

Leisure Aquitaine is all this and more, without forgetting the theme parks, from A for attraction to Z for zoo. All according to your choice, to the season, and to the place where you have decided to stay!

Bordeaux is characterized by its exceptional heritage inherited from the 18th century by the great figures of the past who made it famous intellectually, culturally and politically, and of course the wine that bears its name.

Bordeaux heritage is multiple: architectural and intangible both from the past, in the present and towards the future. For if the picture of the assets is primarily that of beautiful stones, the concept has now spread to more recent buildings, statues and fountains, literature, gastronomy, know-how and methods of life.

The Vin du Jardin

Among the treasures of Le Saint-James are the 950 vines, all facing due west at 90 metres’ altitude. The cépage is exclusively merlot: Le Saint-James produces only red wine. A production dubbed the Vin du Jardin and limited to 600 bottles in “good years”. The wine is served at both the bar and the restaurant and is brought into being under the watchful eye and palate of Stéphane Derenoncourt. This renowned oenologist lends his expert guidance to both the assemblage and the harvest planning and organisation. The harvest is open to guests of Le Saint-James, an opportunity to discover the various tasks of wine production in a most original fashion, from the hands-on harvesting of the grapes to the winemaking in the hotel cellar.
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