Café de l’Espérance
Café de l’Espérance
Café de l’Espérance
Café de l’Espérance
Café de l’Espérance
The Saint James Bouliac
Café de l'Espérance

The Café de l’Espérance, an annex of Le Saint-James, is located in central Bouliac and can be reached on foot from the hotel in a matter of minutes. Perched above Bordeaux, this restaurant-style bistro welcomes guests with the warmth of wooden tables and chairs, a covered patio, heated come wintertime, and a vast terrace.

The blackboard menu leaning against the counter boasts roast meats, homemade French fries, market-fresh produce...and the incitement to indulge in two unlimited buffets – one of starters, the other of desserts. Serve yourself, just like at home. The Café de l’Espérance also means smiling hospitality and prompt service from the friendly staff. A unique art of hosting and sharing. A genuine love for serving others.

The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.
Weekly closing on Sundays and Mondays.

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